Friday, September 14, 2012



currently looks like this

Last Sunday, the Mr. decided he was going to harvest his grapes! All 10 or 12 of them! Sadly, there were only a couple of bunches. All that greenery and only two bunches! I had looked at them 2 or 3 weeks ago and they were still green. Now they were purple and he said they were ready.

So...he picked them and dropped a couple in the process...

He said they were good!!!

We have to work on this over the winter. We had a hard time working at it during the season as the ticks were just awful. The fear of the tick is strong in these parts. None of us wants Lyme Disease so we really avoided the area as much as possible. Also we were inundated with Japanese beetles. Disgusting things.... So we will try to figure out how to get more grapes next year because you couldn't stomp that small batch of grapes!

If nothing else, the whole thing amused us this year. We'll get serious about it one of these days.

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