Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Snack

I did make the snack as mentioned in the previous post. It was a recipe in a Walmart flyer...of all places. We decided to mix the recipe up a bit and added hot sauce to the coating sauce. sure was tasty. It did make more than we can possibly eat so I guess the remainder will be a snack for Friday night.

I currently have the dog in his safe house. Holy smokes! Back to normal? I think not. He's missing my husband who had been home since the Friday before Christmas. Consequently, and this is pretty early for me, I'm dressed, have a load of laundry in, and I'm parked in front of this computer(for a few minutes anyway!!!)

Who knows what this day will bring? I'm thinking it had better bring me to the studio for an hour or so! Yes, I hate to put Harley in his crate. I know it is a safe place but it breaks my heart to hear the tail wag or a little whimper to get my attention. Oh gives us both a little break.

Have a good day!

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