Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Slipped off the radar screen again!

Not intentionally, I assure you. I have a difficult time during the day to get on the desktop that seems to do everything I need it to do.

Since my last visit in to dust off the cobwebs, the spouse and I took a much needed mini-vacation to the lake. It was the first time I really had relaxed in months and I told him so! I read two books, had a large bbq with his family members and a couple of friends, including fireworks (real ones, not drama!) and I finally finished the binding on the charity quilt. Phew...
Yes, I included the pup relaxing at the lake in the shot as well!

After Labor Day it was back to reality. I needed to make a block for the Seacoast Quilt Guild meeting that was this past Saturday. This month's theme was a star block. I think it was supposed to be scrappy. Well....okay I had 3 fabrics. I think it counts!

Here's my block

Phew! Done!!!

So back to the meeting. Our meeting was to be held in Portland, Maine. Woohoo....road trip. So on Saturday, very, very early, Nancy, Barbara and I zipped up to Portland to A Gathering of Stitches. A Gathering of Stitches belongs to one of our members and she just opened up a few short weeks ago. It is the most wonderful, creative environment that I have set foot in in some time. If you google A Gathering of Stitches you can read all about Samantha's place. If I could figure out linking, I'd link it for you!

Look for this design and you'll know you've found the right place.

These were all the blocks for the lottery. Cool blocks. I did not win...bummer! It is okay, though.

It was a wonderful meeting, followed by lunch with our friends in downtown Portland. Then a road trip south on the way home to Marden's in Sanford, Maine. Amy, of During Quiet Time, (that linking thing again) is our President and she arranged that we would all get a 10% discount on our purchases. Well, tickle us all pink, purple and polka dotted! What a store!!! The fabric was already at a low price and we were to get an additional 10% off??? Can you spell FUN? The people were so nice to us as well. A darn good day for us.

On Sunday, I decided to make a huge casserole - chicken and beef enchilada casserole. It was delicious. When football season starts I like to cook these crazy big meals on Sundays. They are kind of my "experiment with new recipes" days. I also finished another charity quilt top that has been hanging over my head (only in my mind, of course). It is done and will be delivered at the next Guild meeting.

It is a little dull, but once it is quilted I think it will be great. By a Longarmer, of course! Not me!!!

So that's about it...I'm finishing up on some homemade tomato sauce. People have been giving us so many tomatoes that we've had to make sauce. We never made it from tomatoes in all our years of married life. I don't know why since I am a "made from scratch" kind of chef/baker, but, it is quite satisfying.

That's it from my end. I'm slowly getting back into my groove and the pup sure keeps me busy. I think it is sewing machine vs. pup and the pup generally wins. We will get there. He won't come and stay in my studio. It can be frightening but it is not terribly messy right now. Just a little.

Have a creative remains of the week!

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  1. You are getting back in the groove alright....keep it going!! The FIT quilt looks really nice.....and you are the queen of half square triangles!