Sunday, October 6, 2013

This and that and I did get to sew today!

Another lapse in the blog. Honestly, I just can't keep up sometimes.

We had another death in the family. Jeff's cousin and he was only 62. Granted he'd been ill for several years but 62 is young. That would be 5 years older than me. So we had a funeral to go to last weekend. All the cousins were chatting as we are all getting to be "of a certain age" and retirement was the word that just kept popping up.

So...that's another story for another day but suffice it to say...we are in the exploratory phase. He is going to drive me crazy. He's actually been cleaning out the basement. He went to our transfer station yesterday. He hates that. I'm the one that usually pops over there. I'm not afraid! So now I'm a bit scared of what the heck the winter will bring with his cleaning mode. HELP ME, RHONDA!!!

Last week the puppy was sick. I mean really sick. I took him to the Vet's on Wednesday morning. X-Rays, pills, powders, bland food and $213.00 poorer. 3 hours later I'm calling them back because he's worse. She had told me she really wanted him to have an ultrasound to rule out an obstruction. Personally I did not think there was one but he was so very, very sick. So I ended up having to go to Concord, which is a 30 minute drive and see a specialist, who was very nice but costs way more money, have all kinds of blood work and an ultrasound only to find out they really don't know. He was very dehydrated so he needed to stay for 24 hours to get IV fluids. Can you hear the dollar amount adding up? My goodness....

So we picked him up Thursday night and brought him home. As of today he is not completely 100% but he's better. It is scary because we have no idea what made him sick. We really keep our eyes on him. Nothing left out in the house and he's on a leash or run when outside with us. Who knows? It was expensive, though. That reminds me....must give him a pill as soon as I post this.

I also missed the sit and sew at Nancy's house on Thursday night because of this latest "adventures in puppy land" Boo hoo. I really was looking forward to going to that.

We had our monthly meeting of the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild yesterday. Great time. I was with like minded people for a couple of hours instead of keeping my eye trained on a sick pup. It felt good.

We received our fabric for the Modern Quilt Guild's challenge. It is fabric from Riley Blake. It is now percolating on my design wall.


Now I have to think on this and decide what to make. It has to be completely finished sometime in December and posted on the MQG website.

I got to sew today...oh that felt good. Here's what I did:

Made the block of the month for our local guild...

Then I made some charity log cabin blocks for Margaret's Hope Chest. Amy mentioned it so that members of our Seacoast Guild can make them and donate them for this charity. They need to be received by November 1st. Amy will collect them on the 18th of this month. I'm will make more this week and pop them in the mail to Amy. That way I know she will have them in case something occurs that I can't make the 18th meeting.

Here are my 3 log cabins from today. The red one could use a little more contrast. They blocks are supposed to be all one color of whatever color you choose. I did not notice the red one's issue until I saw the picture. Oh well...learning experience!
They are wicked fun to make.

Now I must part the blog world as the pup is pestering me. If suppose if I got on more often I would have shorter posts!
All for now. I still have lots to talk about. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Woo hoo! Happy to see the log cabin blocks! I am going to make some this week too.