Thursday, October 2, 2014

Greetings from the Sunshine State!!

It has been nearly three weeks since we arrived in Florida.  Long two day drive.  The dog did fine, thank goodness.

The very first full day we worked our rears off to unpack the boxes.  Actually, that took a couple of weeks but, thankfully, the bulk of the unpacking is over.  We got television, internet and a telephone as in one stop shopping cable.  Not a fan of cable but I'm working on liking it.  Apparently the only game in town.

It is funny, I have been away from our desktop for so long that getting back on seems like such a chore.  I will have to try harder to get on more frequently as I cannot seem to load pictures from the iPad.

So...what have we done?  Well, the spare bathroom has been painted.  It had an awful wallpaper border that needed to go and the wall color was, well, hideous.  So that got done.  Then there was weeding, trimming, pressure washing the, work, work.  We've had some extremely heavy rains and the grounds are flooded so completion of the yard work is not done but perhaps on Saturday that might be possible.

This house has been empty for 18 months.  It needs some coaxing to come back to life.  Fortunately, we are getting there.

The first big project was an all day affair.  Change out the sink in the kitchen.  Dated and not very deep.  I have some big pots that would never fit in the old sink.

Above is the old sink and also the awful teal color of the kitchen.  We both did not like it at all.

Now we have a new 9 inch deep sink, a more trendy handle with a spray mechanism and a soap dispenser.  The color of the room also changed this past week.  It is now painted "Apricot Light".  Yep, orange!!!  We love it.  It even makes the tired cabinets and gross handles look okay.  That will be a future endeavor.  I counted 43 handles in that kitchen.  Even cheaping out will cost a little bit of money and that is just the handles. 

Our plan is to paint the cabinets white.  Can't wait as it will be lovely!

My husband has now torn apart the master bath.  He just cannot sit still.  Slated for a paint job.  So that involves patching holes, mudding, new lighting and oh yeah, paint!!! 

He has now made himself available to the neighbors for any work they might need done.  He has a palm tree trimming job tomorrow and he's been over to someone's house last night and twice this morning.  She got an 10x higher water bill.  I'd be freaked, too.  He will be great at helping the folks here.  He's one of the good guys.  I guess we all have good guys, don't we?

What else....registered the cars.  I'm now sporting a license plate with oranges on it.  PERFECT!!!

We went out to dinner with the olders last Friday.  We always went out with them when we visited his mother here.  We had a riot.  On Saturday we went to the monthly breakfast at the clubhouse.  Only about 20 folks present but the food was good and we met nice people.

I've been snagged to help out for the Women's Luncheon on the 14th.  Soup Day.  People make soup and bring it to share.  Sounds like a nice little event.

Sewing....well, I have set the room up.  I don't have the space I had in New Hampshire but I still have too darn much stuff.  I'm trying to figure things out.  I tidied up a bit more yesterday.  I need some Best Press and 505 Spray.  Must get to that quilt store near here.  Soon!

Oh I did do a tablescape on the bar area for the festive month of October.  I had to do it.

As usual, I am not the best photographer.  I'll keep trying to get better.
So all for now.  Back to my day.  Enjoy yours.   


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