Monday, December 8, 2014

Retirement Ramblings

Well, it has been a while.  I was nudged a week or so ago to write a post.  This is how long it has taken me to get here.  Right now I'm doing laundry and waiting for butter to soften so I can bake 2 more batches of cookies!  Baked two batches yesterday.

There has been a little sewing.  I whipped up a bunch of eyeglass cases for the Women's Club Autumn Bazaar which was held November 8th.  I made 19 and I believe only 6 sold.  I let them keep the remainder for next year. 

They were only being sold for $2.50.  I don't know.  People thought they were cute.  I would have lots to say about the craft table and the amount of work some people put in to making things.  There was the good stuff and there was "well, you know".  Freakishly, the "well, you know" stuff seemed to go.   Someone said I could possibly head up that table next year.  I don't think that will happen.  I'm happy to contribute but I think it would be a huge struggle to be the point person.

The goal is to make money for the Women's Club and they did make money.  I think they could do better but I will sit on my hands.  A few women made casserole covers and they sold for $10.00.  They sold out as I believe they should have.  They were quilted and rather nice. 

I've been learning to play Mah Jongg and I absolutely love it.  It gives me a couple of hours break and forces me to think.  I also have been playing shuffleboard.  Seems weird for me but it is kind of fun. 

I did manage to make a table topper that I have been wanting to make for a couple of years.  I do believe I bought the pattern a couple of years ago.  I'm quick!  I will make it again, maybe even for the Autumn Bazaar!!! 

   Jewel tones for the holidays!

We are all decorated for the holidays.   Harley had fun helping!  Crazy dog!!!

We also did some painting in the house.  Hallway and dining room.  The living room is on tap but the tree had to go up before we got to it.  After the holidays that will happen! 

Orange Bougainvilla!  Love it.  We got rid of the jungle of jasmine from the trellis.  We have two of these structures but Jeff is allergic to jasmine so out to the street it went for the trash men.  We did plant a couple of birds of paradise.  One is thriving and the other is not.  It may need to be replaced.  This particular section of plantings seems to need a lot of help. 

I'm trying to be active in my little community and I am participating.  There are a few quilters here and maybe we can get something going after the holidays.  I don't know but I might try.  I might have to join the stash busting band wagon next year.  I have so much fabric.  I keep telling the quilters to come shop at my color coded shop!  I've been to the quilt shop once...I needed a marking pen and basting spray.  Big spender!!!!  Great fabric though.  I had all I could do to resist purchasing.   I need to go again as I need some white muslin or white Kona for a valance for my kitchen window. 

Retirement is not easy.  It is a huge adjustment and I am doing okay in the adjustment department.  It just seems so weird.    The food here is very expensive but we may have finally nailed it down.   I need to redo the kitchen.  I stopped all potential projects until after the holiday as I think I have had enough in 2014.  I do need to get a new oven so I may seriously consider the redo in 2015.  We'll see. 

Jeff is doing well.  The older ladies love him!  He is helpful.  He knows just about everyone here.  I know the women. 

Well that's it for this rambling post.  The laundry needs to be moved and I've got to get on those cookies. 

Hope you are all well.


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  1. It is good to see you have posted an update. Slow and steady progress is always the best...the year will be over soon enough and you two will be enjoying your winter as we are bundled up in the cold and snow!!