Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy New Year! 8 days late!!!

Happy 2015.  I was so ready for a new year and my hope is that this will be a much calmer year than 2014.  So much happened in 2014 that I am glad to close the chapter on the year.

I did a tiny bit of crafty for the holidays.  Made a couple of wine bags and a tiny topper for our step-aunt, who lives here in the retirement community.

Over the Christmas break the hubby started redoing the kitchen.  We are doing it in 3 sections.  2 are done.  The center island which formerly had a 36 inch cooktop is now a complete work surface.  I am in love with the island.  The other side, which formerly had a wall oven and cheap, cheap cabinets, now has new cabinets, a free standing range and counter space.  Heaven, I'm in heaven!!!  It is a rather large kitchen but it was so inefficient that I just couldn't stand it.  The hubby is still doing the final finish work (as I type) with poly on the cabinet doors and drawers.  I still need to pick out knobs and handles.  The last side will be done in another month or so.  That's a bigger deal as we are talking about eliminating a bank of cabinets to make the place more open concept. 

We have friends coming from New Hampshire next week and we are looking forward to that visit. 

We do love the community here.  Everyone looks out for everyone else and the people are friendly.  While we've struggled to adjust to our new life and lifestyle, we are finally getting a handle on things.   I do laugh about the gas prices coming way down.  We rarely visit the gas stations anymore.  Too bad it didn't happen in New Hampshire when my husband hit the station every other day due to his long commute.  Ah well....that is the way it goes, I guess.

Okay back to quilting.  I did receive a gift certificate for Christmas to the nice quilt store that is near me.  Well, I will use it for something but once again this year, I am not buying any fabric unless it is an absolute necessity.  I've got to get a handle on de-stashing.  I've also got UFO's to figure out if I want to finish or do something else with them.

I want to make new toss pillows for my living room.  Something I actually piece and quilt and maybe, just maybe use a zipper instead of making an envelope backing.  I need to learn how to do zippers and the internet is a wonderful place to find a tutorial!

I will just need to make a list of what needs doing, what I want to do, etc.  I will also start making things for the Autumn Bazaar which will be in November.  I can whip up toppers, candle mats, and things that are small.  Those wine bags are super easy to make and I keep wondering why I don't have a stash on hand for gifting! 

Well, I think I'll take the pup for a walk and rack up some steps on my Fitbit Flex.  I tried so hard to win one of those every time the Pioneer Woman had a giveaway on her blog.  Fortunately, Santa brought me one.  Pink!!!  I might need to get the orange bracelet since you can change them out for style and fashion (oh yeah....I'm all about that!  NOT!!!).

All for now and again Happy New Year.  May it be "piecefully" creative.

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  1. Nice update....the next will include kitchen photos I hope since Jeff was working on finishing up stage two as your were typing !! A new year to do new things!!