Friday, April 30, 2010

First finish not on my list

I only have two scrap quilts to make that I've listed but, of course, there are a million other things that must be done as well.

I finished the two blocks for the first person in the Christmas in July Quilting Bee. Picture in the flickr block. When I do things like this I am so careful to be near perfect on points and seams. I did not do too bad. Anything for me - zoom, zoom! I'm usually pretty good about the points, though. Anywhoooo. Those blocks are packaged up and ready to go to the Post Office this morning. Yea me!

I have been sewing every day this week and it is kind of nice. I should add a little music to my studio but I'm not even sure I would hear it if it was on. The place looks like a "hot mess" but I will try to tidy it up this weekend. It is difficult to work in clutter.

It is going to be one warm weekend and I will try to get out and enjoy some of it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

My enthusiasm knows no bounds!

Two virtual bees. Now 3! A round robin bee. There are four members thus far and I think this will be very exciting once it gets going.

As I wind down my guild responsibilities I have set in motion my plans for the next year. I will be down in my studio quilting. How bad can that be? Perhaps there will be stash manicuring. Not likely. My husband might wonder if I will come up for air or cook dinner! Possible.

So, once I get that camera figured out we might even see pictures here. Actually, I do need to work that out pretty soon as I have projects that are due and must be posted.

It is the weekend. Lots to do and some of it may be quilting but most likely it will be planting and outdoor stuff. It is black fly season and that is not fun.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring to Finish Challenge

It is always great to have a motivator to get things done. I did join Jacquie's challenge and indicated that I had two twin size scrap quilts to get finished. In addition to finishing the quilts, I also need them quilted and bound to place on the twin beds in my summer home.

I am almost done with the 72 blocks for the first one. Hopefully I will finish today and get them on the design wall for placement. It is scrappy but there is some fear that it will look ridiculous if I do not do this. I have made great progress on two sewing days in the last week so I am stoked.

I realized that I also must finish a mystery quilt that we have been doing since November in my Guild. I'm up to date and the final clue arrived last week. Basically I have to put all the pieces together and then make the top and add the borders. This, too, is doable and will be done. One had to pick a large floral fabric and then pick the lights, darks, etc. Orange/Teal/Dark Brown/Violet/a blender of pinks, purples/orange and a Kaffe floral. I can't wait to finish it. I love all the pieces so I can't imagine I would not like the quilt itself. It has been fun doing the mystery.

Photos...well, I am working on that as well. I have a newer digital camera but still use my outdated larger Kodak from 2000. I know how to use it and it is comfortable.

I am also involved in 2 virtual quilting bees and the Potholder Pass 3 (I can't get the badge/button) and I am quite excited about that. I have two blocks to do for one of the bees next week. Easy peasy.

That is it for today....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Button button, who's got the button

Excellent. I had to type the code in but I have it.

Button button, how to get the button

Geez, I really am techno deficient. I managed to get one button the other day. I have the hardest time copying code. It has got to be operator error as opposed to dinosaur computer. I know it is not rocket science but it might as well be!

I would like to join Spring to Finish, Jacquie's, over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio,latest challenge. Although a button is not required, I really would like to dress up this blog. I don't have as much time to spend on creating this as real life gets in the way. Don't you just hate that?

I'm in (somehow). I have two quilts that have been cut out for at least two years, maybe less, maybe more. They are twin size, scrappy quilts, all strips. I believe the pattern is Strip Cocktail. Easy, easy, easy. Not done. They are for my lake home and last fall I threw out the store bought quilt pretends in an effort to finish. It is April 19th, my lake home is open (but those beds are not made) and they are not done.

I revisited the project last Wednesday and went to the sit and stitch at my favorite quilt shop and got a lot done on one of them. Ideally, Memorial Day is the grand opening for seasonal properties so I think I will be able to finish.

I am trying to finish projects this year. They have become an overwhelming anchor for me. I feel guilty starting new things. Is this how we create stash and stuff? It must be because I have a ton of both. Like, I'm alone here?

All for now.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The beginning of this blog

I have been working on this blog for a week. I am not techno savvy but I do manage to muddle my way through things. So my page will be a WIP (work in progress). I know we all know what that is but in case anyone ever reads this blog and is not a quilter...well, I had to explain.

I have been quilting for a long time. 20 years. It was very sporadic for the first ten. I moved to California in 2001 and I was filled with eye candy in the quilting world. It was so different from the East Coast, at that time. I did not get quite so excited when I hit a quilt shop prior to my big move. Sure, I petted the fabric but it was just okay. It is so much better here now. Now I not only pet fabric, I drool as well. Away from the fabric of course!

As indicated by the name of this blog, I love orange. Isn't it fabulous? Orange is a hot color right now. I just love it.

Well, that is it for today. I'm going to try and tweak some more. I can't figure out how to grab those buttons on other blogs for things I'm involved in. I'll get it. Eventually.